Arlo source code update?

Arlo is the latest evolution of the RLATool / ColoradoRLA software that several states have used in real or pilot audits. A few months ago, you wrote:

Can we get an update on getting access to the source code? Thanks!

Hi Neal: thanks for the nudge here. We expect we’ll have an open Github repository by end of August. We’re finalizing some initial coding styles and test coverage of a very early version to set a good example.

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Hoping for an update on this. Even if it’s not “done” (is any software every really done?), could you push up what you have to repo for folks to track and pitch in on development?

Hey folks, sorry this is taking a little longer than we expected. Two reasons: we don’t want to put code out there that isn’t at least a little bit vetted with respect to the risk computations, and we also want to be mindful of how to best engage folks in source code collaboration - we can’t just post it and have everyone chip in without a bit of guidance and architecture direction.

So this will take a little bit longer than we thought – looking like end of October.

I’m delighted to see that the Arlo repository is now publicly available.

Thanks to Ben and the rest of the team for putting so much quality effort into this project, and staying on task!